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Wildly Profitable Marketing for the Pet Industry

Introducing your how-to success guide for marketing pet-care services, pet supplies, veterinary solutions and more. 

Wildly Profitable Marketing for the Pet Industry

By  Pam Foster and C S Wurzberger

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Imagine seeing a growing number of happy pet-lovers singing your praises and spending more money with you! 

Pet ownership and pet-care spending is at an all-time high in many categories, and that’s great news for you. An estimated $50.84 billion will be spent on our pets this year in the U.S. alone, in the areas of food and treats, supplies and over-the-counter medicines, veterinary care, live animal purchases and pet services, such as grooming and boarding. (APPA data)

Because we wrote this hands-on marketing field guide specifically for pet- and veterinary-related organizations, you’ll soon discover 100% relevant insights on:

  • The #1 most powerful marketing question to ask yourself. The answer will bring total clarity for achieving your online marketing mission and goals.
  • The 3 core attributes that make your website work wonders for your business. Apply these attributes to your site and watch your traffic and revenue grow!
  • Social media myths and facts: How to deliver what your audience really wants from you in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more… and how to avoid the big turn-offs.
  • The smart, streamlined way to mix online and offline marketing. We’ll show you how to blend the best of both worlds for great results.
  • Clear action steps you can begin today: At last — a clear and simple way to set up and follow a brilliant marketing plan that WORKS.

If you’re responsible for marketing a pet-related business… you’ll soon be attracting more attention, fans, customers, sales, repeat sales, loyalty and more.

If you’re a supplier to this industry… you’ll discover ways to present your solutions more effectively so pet and veterinary professionals who need your products and services will find you and choose you!

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