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Wildly Profitable Marketing for the Zoo Industry

Introducing your how-to success guide for getting more business from local animal fans, tourists, educators and the business community.

Wildly Profitable Marketing for Zoos, Aquariums, Nature CentersWildly Profitable Marketing
for Zoos, Aquariums, Nature Centers, Other Animal-Industry Destinations and Their Suppliers

By C S Wurzberger and Pam Foster



At last: a hands-on marketing field guide designed specifically for zoos, aquariums, safari theme parks, science and nature centers, and other animal-related businesses, including suppliers to this industry.

Wildly Profitable Marketing helps you achieve steady business growth with…

  • Clear steps you can begin today with your easy Profit Producing Plan
  • Myths and facts about Web Marketing, Social Media and Mobile Marketing methods that work
  • Smart, streamlined ways to manage Online and Offline Marketing 

Just imagine more animal fans visiting your location, or wildlife businesses spending more money with you! 

Zoos, aquariums and nature centers worldwide are struggling to meet budgets, battling with poorly performing websites and wrestling with increasing their number of social media followers — all with the goal of attracting more visitors. Even their vendors are feeling crunch.

So even though 50 million children visitors have visited zoos and animal centers with their families in the last decade… 12 million student learners have enjoyed animal-related field trips; and 400,000 teachers have been trained in informal science education methods through these organizations… there’s a gap in attracting more of them to your location or business.

Take heart: A clever and effective strategy doesn’t have to be complicated, lengthy or cumbersome. And you don’t have to become a technical genius yourself.

If you’re responsible for marketing a zoo, aquarium, nature center or other animal destination or organization… you’ll soon be attracting more visitors, ticket sales, inquiries about special events and programs, gift sales and more.

If you’re a supplier to this industry… you’ll discover ways to present your solutions more effectively so professionals who need your products and services will find you and choose you!

We’re here to guide you on a marketing expedition that leads to the creation of your Profit Producing Planner – where each step brings you closer to finding more customers and bigger profits. 

Because we wrote this hands-on marketing field guide specifically for zoo, aquarium and wildlife organizations, you’ll soon discover 100% relevant insights on:

  • The #1 most powerful marketing question to ask yourself. The answer will bring total clarity for achieving your online marketing mission and goals.
  •  The 3 core attributes that make your website work wonders for your business. Apply these attributes to your site and watch your traffic and revenue grow!
  • Social media myths and facts: How to deliver what your audience really wants from you in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more… and how to avoid the big turn-offs.
  • The smart, streamlined way to mix online and offline marketing. We’ll show you how to blend the best of both worlds for great results.
  • Clear action steps you can begin today: At last — a clear and simple way to set up and follow a brilliant marketing plan that WORKS.

You’ll see how today’s online marketing works, and how you can follow the best practices for your benefit. Plus this guide serves as a clear, constant reminder of your sales goals. It helps you remain focused on a clear strategy for reference every day, week and month.

So if you’re ready…