Wildly Profitable Marketing Appraisal

A fresh look to get more customers.

Marketing your business has become more complicated then ever. 

You are facing more marketing approaches than ever in the history of doing business!: SEO, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogging, and the list goes on and on.


Book a FREE 20 minute appraisal with me, C S Wurzberger, Chief Marketing Strategist with 25+ years of experience. The goal of this session is to give you at least 1- 3 fresh ideas you can use at once to find more customers


It’s time for a quick appraisal to ensure your marketing efforts are effective.

Can you answer yes to all 7 questions: 

  1. Do you have a business card you are proud to pass out? One with current contact info and a website address?
  2. Is your website user-friendly? Can viewers find what they are looking for?
  3. Do you have a keyword rich strategy for attracting the search engines? Is your site showing up on the first page of Google?
  4. Are you actively using at least 3 social media tools to focus on to building relationships and attracting more customers?
  5. Are all your marketing tools branded to look like brothers and sisters with a tagline and benefit based marketing message?
  6. Can you easily tell people what you do in 12 words or less?
  7. Do you have a clear marketing calendar to follow? One that produces results in just 30 minutes a day?

If you answered yes to all these questions, you get a gold star and you are well on your way to growing your organization.

If you answered no to any of these questions then its time to get some easy-to-follow assistance.

Book a 20 minute appraisal with me, C S Wurzberger, Chief marketing strategist. The goal of this session is to give you at least 1 – 3 fresh ideas, you can use at once to find more customers.


What set’s us a part from the other marketing consults. There is no sales pitch on this call. No “used car salesman tactics” to get you to buy. I honestly want to help you reduce overwhelm and learn how to best profit from the right marketing.
I guarantee these 20 minutes will be a great use of your time. My way of sharing  25+ years of marketing experience with you.


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